by Ulf Jahnke

Aircraft parking in hangars

Permanent or daily parking available in Kiel

(Kiel, October 27th 2017) The Kiel Airport operating company can provide parking in a number of hangars for single or twin-engined aircrafts, privately as well as commercially owned. Currently aircraft of different types are permanently parked in Halls 1 and 2 on the North side of the runway and in Hall 71 on the runway’s South side.  They include helicopters, gyroplanes and ultra-light aircraft.
Rental fees for parking depend on the size and weight of the aircraft. They can be parked on a permanent or daily basis which means for example that holidaymakers booked on to a ferry or cruise ship out of Kiel can also park their aircraft there.

Pictures from the aircraft parking in hangars in Kiel:

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