by Ulf Jahnke

AIRPORT KIEL appoints Volker Prange as new Managing Director

Regional airport for general aviation being developed into an Airpark

(Kiel, 3rd January 2019) Volker Prange (53), who had been an authorized signatory at the company of FLUGHAFEN KIEL GmbH, has been appointed Managing Director. He succeeds Dr Dirk Claus who will focus on managing the expanding parent company of PORT OF KIEL (SEEHAFEN KIEL GmbH & Co. KG) in the future. At the same time, Michael Schlaeger, Tech-nical Operations Manager at FLUGHAFEN KIEL GmbH has been given power of attorney. Dr Dirk Claus: “Volker Prange has been familiar with the airport operations for many years. After completing the reorganisation, the next step will be to develop the airport into an Airpark.”

Volker Prange will assume the responsibilities of the Airport’s Managing Director in addition to his position of authorised signatory and Chief Financial Officer at the PORT OF KIEL. At the parent company, Mr Prange manages the Technical Department, the Real Estate Department as well as the Financial and Human Resource Departments. The combination of the two posi-tions holds extensive potential for harnessing related synergies. Under the management of Dr Dirk Claus, the airport company was integrated into the PORT OF KIEL group at the beginning of 2012 and has been repositioned ever since. Within a few years, the economic basis of the airport has been expanded. The deficit has been reduced by more than 80 % and the signifi-cance for the regional economy has been strengthened.

About Kiel Airport:
The Kiel Airport company (FLUGHAFEN KIEL GmbH) is part of the PORT OF KIEL group which manages the port of Kiel and the airport under the authority of the state capital city of Schleswig-Holstein. The airfield of Kiel sees more than 15,000 general aviation take-offs and landings per year. The airport serves as destination for business travellers and as landing site for ambulance flights as well as flight basis for public clients. It is an education and training location as well as the first choice of regional air sports. 

Dr Dirk Claus, MD PORT OF KIEL (SEEHAFEN KIEL GmbH & Co. KG) – left   
Volker Prange, MD AIRPORT OF KIEL (FLUGHAFEN KIEL GmbH) – right  

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