by Ulf Jahnke

Airport minimizes subsidy requirements

Deficit has been decreased by nearly two-thirds since 2011

(Kiel, 30th January 2018) The airport company FLUGHAFEN KIEL GmbH has further reduced the airport’s deficit and will make use of a municipal subsidy of only 200,000 Euro this year. These are used for public services provided by the airport company such as air traffic control, weather services, provision of an instrument landing system as well as a terminal for general aviation. The reception of medical and organ transport flights is also part of the assignments.

Since the acquisition of the airport by PORT OF KIEL in 2011, the operating result could be improved on a continuous and sustainable basis. Looking back at 2011 where there was a deficit of about 1.2 million Euros, the subsidy requirements could be reduced by 50 % within a few years. In 2016, only 500,000 Euros of municipal subsidies were needed. Through the development of new revenue sources like operating the petrol station, the new Port Parking Service for cruise passengers or the meanwhile high utilization of hangars and office space, FLUGHAFEN KIEL GmbH is still on the upswing. In 2017, only 435,000 Euros of municipal subsidies were being used.

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