by Ulf Jahnke

Business Travel flying high

Airport with growing regional economic importance

(Kiel, 23 October 2015) At the airport Kiel-Holtenau there were a total of 15,350 aircraft movements in 2014 (+ 5.5 %). About half of the take-offs and landings were of commercial kind. The flights particularly important for the regional economy are e.g. target simulation for the German Armed Forces, flights with regard to maintenance and repair, training and ambulance flights as well as the increasing business travel. The airport offers a number of special services for business flights, such as ground handling or parking the aircraft in hangars. There are also services around passengers and crew that can be booked including catering, crew lounge, luggage handling and also the organization of arrival at and departure from the airport. Among the 6,400 passengers of 2014 there were numerous celebrities from business, politics, sports and entertainment who regularly take off from Kiel. The most famous passenger was the Israeli President who recently used the airport with his delegation for a visit to the state capital city of Schleswig-Holstein.

Pictures of business travel at Kiel-Holtenau:

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