by Ulf Jahnke

City president Tovar welcoming Duke of Kent

Prince Edward guest of honour at commemoration in Laboe

(Kiel, 31 May 2016) Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and cousin of Queen Elisabeth II., landed with his private jet (G-LEAA) in Kiel-Holtenau on May 31. City President Hans-Werner Tovar welcomed the Duke of Kent to the state capital city of Kiel at the airport. Prince Edward is member of the British royal family and president of the Commonwealth War Grave Commission. As such he participates as a guest of honour in an international memorial service taking place in Laboe. Invited by the organisations Deutsche Marinebund and Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräbersfürsorge, the beginning of the Skagerrak battle 100 years ago will be remembered.

Images of Kiel’s City President Tovar welcoming the Duke of Kent:

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