by Ulf Jahnke

Demonstrator for AIRBUS acoustical loggings made in Kiel

Mechakustik using Hangar 1 at Kiel Airport for assembly works

(Kiel, 24 February 2016) An aircraft body part of an A320 was reproduced at Kiel Airport. On behalf of AIRBUS, this demonstrator for acoustical logging was assembled by Mechakustik in Hangar 1. The project started at the end of last year and was finished at the end of February.

In the morning of February 24, the completed demonstrator was taken over Kiel’s airfield to the near Plüschow-Port by a low bed truck. There it was loaded onto a coaster by a mobile crane. Going through the Kiel Canal and the lower Elbe, the demonstrator was delivered overnight to AIRBUS Finkenwerder.

Pictures of shipping the aircraft body demonstrator:

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