by Ulf Jahnke

From Kiel-Holtenau all around the world

50,000 kilometres with “Spirit of Kiel”

Kiel, November 27th 2017: After 50,000 air kilometres and a successful trip around the world Captain Karl-Heinz Zahorsky and Co-pilot Karl Karbach touched down safely again at the airport Kiel-Holtenau on 24th November. Despite constant rain and poor visibility they were welcomed by lots of friends upon their arrival on Friday. They had started their world trip on 28th July from Kiel-Holtenau with a Piper Malibu called “Spirit of Kiel”. Both pilots, who have a private flight licence as well as a business flight licence, made an old dream come true. They stopped among others in Egypt, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Australia and went on via Tahiti, the Easter Islands and Chile to Brazil. Then over the Atlantic to the Canaries and back to Germany via Spain.
One could follow the trip of the two pilots for four months on the blog www.

"Spirit of Kiel" at Kiel-Airport:  

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