by Ulf Jahnke

4th Kiel Airport Run

Unique track along taxiways and runway

(Kiel, 7 September 2015) On Friday, September 4, 2015, the 4th Kiel Airport Run took place at Kiel Holtenau Airport. More than 150 participants had signed up for the run on the even track across the airfield. Runners could chose from the shorter 4.5 km course and the longer one of 10 km along taxiways and runway. Start and Finish were located in front of Hangar No. 1 next to the tower. Registration and change facilities were both in the terminal. Kiel Airport Run was organized by Ceventours in cooperation with FC Holtenau e.V. and supported by PORT OF KIEL Airport. The run started on September 4 at 18.15 hrs. The award ceremony took place around 19.30 hrs. The results can be found at The Airport was closed by the aviation authority to regular air traffic from 18.00 hrs for the duration of three hours.

Pictures from the 4th Kiel Airport Run:

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