by Ulf Jahnke


Sightseeing flights with ”Auntie Ju” over Kiel and the Fjord

(Kiel, 20th June 2017) The aircraft Ju 52 of the trust “Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung” visited the airport in Holtenau during the Kiel Week 2017. She arrived on 17th June coming from Hamburg. At the opening weekend of Kiel Week (17th-18th June) JU 52 took off for a total of nine fully booked sightseeing flights and six training flights over Kiel and the Fjord. On Sunday afternoon, she returned to Hamburg, also fully booked.

With its silver shining skin of corrugated metal and its registration number D-AQUI dating back to 1936 as well, Ju 52 is about eight decades old and the oldest airplane of its kind worldwide which was originally built at Junkers in Dessau and still is working. Up to 16 passengers, all seated by the window, can enjoy travelling with style in a “wide-body aircraft from the 30s”.

You can find more information about the Ju 52 on the website of “ Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung”:

Impressions of aircraft JU52 in Kiel:

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