by Ulf Jahnke

Rare kind of cargo at the Airport Kiel-Holtenau

1.4 million English glass eels arrived at the airport

(Kiel, 13 April 2016) On Wednesday, April 13, a consignment of more than 1.4 million glass eels arrived at Kiel Airport. They landed with a Cesna Caravan, packed into 475 boxes at 1 kg each. The airport of origin was Gloucestershire Airport Staverton. The delivery was taken by Arne Koops, Manager of the Eel Forwarding Office at the German Fishing  Association, and Albrecht Hahn, Managing Director of the Inland Fishery and Pond Farmers Association in Schleswig-Holstein, joined by two representatives of the Schleswig-Holstein Fishery Control. The glass eels are destined to replenish the European eel population. “We like utilizing Kiel Airport. It is charming as the processes run smoothly and the transshipment is very comfortable”, says Arne Koops.

The European eel lives in the North Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic Sea as well as many waters on the European continent, i.e. from southern Norway over the Mediterranean to northern Africa. It exists in fresh as well as salt water. The eel population is strongly declining. It is not possible to artificially breed them. So, glass eels originating from the Atlantic in England are supposed to replenish and stabilize the population in Germany.

A total of 475 boxes at 1 kg of glass eels, i.e. 2,800 – 3,000 baby eels per box. 132 kg of glass eels will be put into 16 different waters in Schleswig-Holstein by the Inland Fishery and Pond Farmers Association. The rest will be delivered throughout Germany. These measures are subsidized by EU and earmarked funds such as the fishing levy of Schleswig-Holstein.

Air cargo from England landing in Kiel-Holtenau:

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