by Ulf Jahnke

Refuelling at Kiel Airport

Airport company runs its own filling station

(Kiel, August 10th 2017) There’s a lot happening at Kiel Airport during the summer months. Kiel-Holtenau is a popular destination for both privately owned and sports aircraft as well as for small and large business aeroplanes. Refuelling at the airfield’s self-owned filling station is an important part of the service.
Sports machines can roll straight up to the pump to fill up with AvGas, but jets are supplied by tankers with Jet A1. Several thousand litres of aviation fuel are required to refuel a business jet. Current daily prices for aviation fuel can be found at www.airport-kiel.

Pictures: Refuelling with Jet A1 and AvGas at Kiel-Airport:

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