Air cargo from England

by Ilka Gerlach

Cessna 208 brought glass eels to Schleswig-Holstein

Cessna 208 in Kiel / Photo: Stephen Gergs

(Kiel, 19th May 2020) It was some unusual air freight from England that arrived at the airport. Coming from the Gloucestershire Airport Staverton (EGBJ) a fully loaded Cessna 208 airplane touched down in Kiel-Holtenau on Friday, 15th May. It had different kinds of transport boxes on board containing well stowed little glass eels. The fish are meant to fill up the European glass eel population. The eels will be distributed to selected waters in Schlewig-Holstein by the Association of Fishermen and Pond Farmers respectively they will even be released on a Germanwide scale. The Cessna 208 returned to England in the evening.



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