Holstein Kiel takes off

by Ilka Gerlach

ATR72-500 charter flight from Kiel-Holtenau

ATR72 am Flughafen Kiel / Foto: Stephen Gergs

(Kiel, 15th May 2020) Nine weeks after the season was suspended, the second league football team of Holstein Kiel takes a charter aircraft to Regensburg again. The team starts at 3 p.m. with an ATR72-500 from Kiel-Holtenau. Back in March, the storks had to return empty handed because the match day had been postponed at short notice due to the Corona situation. But here we go again: re-start at Jahn Regensburg on Saturday at 1 p.m. The return flight of the storks is planned for Saturday evening. Next week, the VfB Stuttgart club is expected on the Kiel Fjord for a top match.


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