Medical flights: fast and reliable

by Niklas Wietzke

ADAC-ambulance-service-plane touches down in Kiel-Holtenau

Ambulance flight via Airport Kiel / Foto: Airport Kiel

(Kiel, 10th September 2018) Medical flights from and to Kiel-Holtenau are perfectly organised. Coming from the Adriatic region, the ADAC-Ambulance D-CUTE, a Beechcraft B300 King Air 350, landed in Kiel for a patient transfer last Friday. In the first half of 2018 Kiel-Holtenau recorded already more than 40 of those ambulance service flights. Ambulance flights starting from Kiel-Holtenau are mostly carried out by fixed-wing aircraft, e.g. for transportation of patients to the ambulance of Kiel or specialist hospitals. Ambulance flights today are among others operated by aid organisations, associations of traffic, private operators and also by the German Air Force.




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