President of Slovenian State Council visits Kiel

by Niklas Wietzke

Government Aircraft Type Falcon 2000 lands in Kiel

Slovenian governmental aircraft in Kiel / Foto: Airport Kiel


(Kiel, 26th June 2019) The President of the State Council of the Republic of Slovenia, Alojz Kovšca, arrived at the Airport Kiel-Holtenau in the morning of 26th June to pay a visit to the State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. As the airport is located in the outskirts of the city it was only a short drive to the state parliament building. Mr Kovšca visited the State Premier, Daniel Günther, in the latter’s current position as President of the German Bundesrat. The President of the State Council was accompanied by a high-ranking delegation to which also the Slovenian Ambassador in Germany, Frank But, belonged. The Slovenian visitors were welcomed by the Parliamentary President Klaus Schlie in the state parliament building. After that, the President of the State Council signed the guestbook of the State Parliament in the presence of media representatives.


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