Sports teams at the Airport Kiel

by Ilka Gerlach

FC Fortuna Düsseldorf takes off / Photo: Airport Kiel

(Kiel, 26th October 2020)

THW Kiel

Our Kiel-based handball team touched down again at Kiel Airport after winning against the Slovenian team of Celje (35:24). They landed on 2nd October at 12:20 h with a Saab 340 turboprop aircraft operated by the Polish company Skytaxi. The plane was serviced by the Airport Kiel Holtenau.

Handball Club Erlangen

On 3rd October at 14:25 h, the Handball Club Erlangen landed in Kiel-Holtenau with a Beech 1900 aircraft in order to play the match on 4th October (30:36).

FC Fortuna Düsseldorf

Also on 4th October, another sports team arrived at the Airport Kiel: the football team of FC Fortuna Düsseldorf landed at 14:31 h with a Dornier 328 aircraft. The team’s bus picked them up right on the apron to bring them to the match against the club of Holstein Kiel.

Next weekend, the handball team of THW Kiel will depart again from the Airport Kiel-Holtenau to go to Leipzig



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