Airport Kiel.

Just take to the skies

The Airport Kiel is the regional airport of the State Capital City and is managed by the PORT OF KIEL. The area offers diverse oportunities for development coming along with the unique atmosphere of an airport with a view of the Kiel Fjord. The airport is located no more than 15 minutes away from the terminals of the city port and hence offers the perfect symbiosis between air and sea transport.

Instrument Approach Chart
Chart: Based on Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH DFS


Type Airport Kiel-Holtenau
Location N 54° 22' 46,09'', E 10° 08' 42,54''
ICAO, IATA Tarmac: 1,320 x 30 m, 08/26
ILS Instrument landing system CAT 1
Refuelling JET A1, AVGAS 100LL
Hangar spaces Available
Infrastructure Direct connection to highway network, public transport, bus shuttle
to port terminals


Airport Activities

Airplane in front of the tower in Kiel
Picture: Airport Kiel



Aerial view of Kiel Airport with the Kiel Fjord and the Baltic Sea
Picture: Tom Körber

Slow target


Helicopter close-up
Picture: Airport Kiel

Public sector


Aircraft mechanic at work
Picture: Airport Kiel

MRO: Maintenance,
Repair and Overhaul

View from the car onto the runway
Picture: Tom Körber

Education &


Frontal image of the aircraft
Picture: Tom Körber

Air sports (motor
and glider flights)


Propeller plane at Kiel Airport
Picture: Tom Körber

Tourism: sightseeing
flights etc.


Hangar with airplanes in front of it
Picture: Tom Körber



Ambulance flight
Picture: Airport Kiel