Business Hours.

Our regular business hours:

Sat, Sun, bank holidays
January-March   09:00-16:15   09:00-16:15
April   09:00-17:00   09:00-17:00
May-June   09:00-17:00   09:00-17:00
July-August   09:00-17:00   09:00-17:00
September   09:00-17:00   09:00-17:00
October   09:00-17:00   09:00-17:00
November-December   09:00-16:15   09:00-16:15


Please note that our airport is closed from 13:00-13:45 hrs.
No flight operations or PPR possible during that time.

Outside normal business hours: PPR
(All times are local time. PPR = Prior Permission Required)

Notice: these data are not suitable for flight planning.
For flight planning please refer to standard works and NOTAM.

Prior Permission Required (PPR)

Opening outside the listed times must be requested 48 hours in advance from air-traffic control and is subject to approval.

A higher fee applies for PPR.