The spread of the corona virus poses very difficult challenges to people and economies worldwide. Due to the rising number of infections there are major restrictions in nearly all areas of daily life. We as port operator and employer bear responsibilty towards our customers, passengers and employees.

Our company keeps following the regulatory recommendations and has introduced routines to ensure the largest possible rate of safety and security in order to maintain the scheduled flight operations. Stay safe and healthy.

Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding that among other things, there is strictly limited access to the GAT and the tower now and that they are not open to the public for the time being. PPR is accepted for ambulance flights and the like.


Welcome to
Airport Kiel.

Kiel Airport is your local airport in the regional capital of Schleswig-Holstein. The plot is fully built and offers a diverse range of development opportunities in addition to the unique flair of an airport overlooking Kiel Fjord.

As from August 16th 2018 new FRQ Kiel Info 119,980.



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Real Estate

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20 May 2020
Cessna 208 in Kiel / Photo: Stephen Gergs

Some well stowed air freight arrived at the airport aboard a Cessna 208 airplane coming from Gloucestershire.

15 May 2020
ATR72 am Flughafen Kiel / Foto: Stephen Gergs

Second league football club Holstein Kiel takes off with charter aircraft heading to Regensburg for the season's restart.

7 May 2020
Flughafen Kiel / Foto: PORT OF KIEL

Opening hours will be adapted and become valid on 9th May. The airport is open at weekends and on bank holidays.