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Kiel Airport is your local airport in the regional capital of Schleswig-Holstein. The plot is fully built and offers a diverse range of development opportunities in addition to the unique flair of an airport overlooking Kiel Fjord.

As from August 16th 2018 new FRQ Kiel Info 119,980.



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2 Sep 2019
fl: Volker Prange and Ernst Martin Radmer

New company settlement creates 36 additional jobs at the regional airport. team energie has moved into their new sales location at the Airport Kiel.

27 Apr 2019
exhibition area on the hangar ramp/Foto: Airport Kiel

The Kiel Airport interest group hosted an open day on the airport premises on Saturday, 27th April, highly frequented and taking place under good weather conditions.

3 Jan 2019
Volker Prange, Managing Director FLUGHAFEN KIEL

Volker Prange, who had been an authorized signatory at the company of FLUGHAFEN KIEL GmbH, has been appointed Managing Director.