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Kiel Airport is your local airport in the regional capital of Schleswig-Holstein. The plot is fully built and offers a diverse range of development opportunities in addition to the unique flair of an airport overlooking Kiel Fjord.

FRQ Kiel Information, Channel 119,980.



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Petrol: Jet A1, AVGas 100 LL refuelling


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Real Estate

Offices and commercial property at the airport


29 Jun 2024
Aerial photo with 4 PC9 aircraft in formation flight
Photo: Michael Bittner

PC9 Formation flights

Five aircraft of QinetiQ GmbH in formation flight over Kiel.

31 May 2024
Four Airbus helicopters H125
Photo: Airport Kiel

Danish Airforce helicopters

Refuelling stop at the Airport Kiel-Holtenau.

8 Dec 2023
Close-up of Marcus Breuer
Marcus Breuer / Photo: Airport Kiel

Management change at the Airport Kiel-Holtenau

Marcus Breuer takes over the operational reins at the regional airport.