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From A to Z - here you will find information and services to make you take off and touch down easily in Kiel as well as an overview about our services.

Map of Europe with distances from Kiel

Note: Please observe the ED-R Kiel

Our services

  • Passenger handling
  • Refuelling: at the station or by tank wagon
  • Marshalling
  • Luggage service: Loading and unloading of luggage, luggage transfer from aircraft to terminal
  • Aircraft washing
  • Parking space, marshalling
  • Waste disposal
  • Shuttle service on premises
  • Safeguarding of apron, entries, aircraft etc. as well as access route to aircraft (gritting when frozen)
  • Start-up assistance (starting unit, battery wagon)
  • Apron lighting

Equipment & facilities

  • Rental: rooms and furniture
  • Rental of aircraft lifters for landing gear
  • Utilisation of halls and hangars
  • Auxiliary unit: Provision of auxiliary unit
  • Utilisation of tools and appliances
  • Utilisation of fork lift or aircraft tug (driver included)
  • Roll-away protection (brake shoes)
  • Aircraft parking
  • Waiting areas and passages to apron

Customs regulation

All flights from or to a third country subject to customs law are subject to authorisation if commercial goods are transported or if the aircraft has to be cleared in the EU. You can find the authorisation form here: Download

The form must be received by the responsible main customs office in Kiel at least 48 hours before the flight, in the case of flights on a Monday or Tuesday at the latest by 12:00 noon on the preceding Friday.

Contact at the main customs office in Kiel:
T +49 431 20083-1415, F +49 431 20083-1150


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